Recalling Memory: Secret to Exercising the Brain Power


To begin with, I would like to talk about the brain power in terms of ability to analyze a sizable information and come up with a workable solution to it. The Intelligence Quotient is measured by the amount of information the brain can process and purge out answer for with great speed and efficiency. 

It is a common believe that how we live our life has tremendous impact in our brain. Our intake, in food we eat, the quality of liquid we consume, the air we breathe in and how we generally conduct our body - activities we use to control free radicals in our system and body chemistry, like exercise - have solid effects in our central nervous system. So, this is to say that all these are necessary requirements for what this article is going to talk about: how to recall memories that are trapped.

Trapped Memories

Lost memories, as they're normally called, are those memories that are trapped from our past experiences as a result of redundancy in the brain which has prevented us from keeping them as active as we used to have them. Sometimes, we might know deep in our mind that we had such experiences but we can't seem to picture the images properly or mention any name or thing in the experiences. So how do we recall such memories? This might seem to be an uphill task but this article will give simple tricks to overcome that.

Recalling Memories

First and foremost, I can't over-emphasize the importance of one's health status in this situation, since the ability to use the brain is affected in any health issue, so to carry out this exercise, someone health needs to be in tiptop condition, that is why I mentioned earlier the essence of eating habit to this exercise, to gain mental fitness. Need I not also to mention that someone must be emotionally stable before completing this task, because it is something that probes very deep into the mind, so emotional balance is needed. Also important for someone in this memory exercise is to be in a very quite place (no room for distraction) because even a little noise like mosquito's can be a great distraction while doing the processing and you will have to start all over again from beginning, so before embarking on this "memory probing", one should ensure there is death silence at the time and place, preferably, in the night.

After observing the aforementioned guidelines, the next step is lying on your back in your bed, couch or anywhere that is comfy for you, but make sure your head is properly positioned as you are facing up. Lying on your back with your face up I said, because, I have discovered that being in this position helps us more to use our brain with optimal efficiency than any other positions. Although, this doesn't mean you can't move your body from one position to another in the course of the exercise if you are feeling fatigue, but you will always notice that you are able to do most processing in the brain while in this position. The next is trying to remember the Ending of the memory you want to recall, for instance, if it is a name of a person, try to remember the Last Name first, e.g. in Albert Einstein: try to remember Einstein first.

In trying to remember Einstein, you start visualizing those things that you knew were associated the first time you got to know the name, for instance, a friend calling the name then, the picture of event that occurred when you knew the name, the subject of discussion when the name was mentioned and so on. One most important tool that you can use to help connect the lost memory to your brain is Alphabet.

Alphabets A-Z come in handy, especially, when you can not muster enough mental pick-up to visualize any associated event to the memory you have lost. This is because, a name, event or anything you might be trying to remember is written in alphabet. So to try and recall a memory or name with the use of alphabets, you separate the vowels from consonants first (5 vowels and 21 consonants). In your brain, you pick one vowel (A) and associate it with all the consonants (like BA, CA, DA and AB, AC, AD and ABA, ACA, ADA etc, till last consonant Z), and you continue like that with the remaining 4 vowels and associate them with all of the consonants. This might seem strenuous, but I tell you, you won't have to complete every vowel and consonant like this before the memory you are trying to recall is triggered in your brain, and in case you have a little clue as to what the lost memory/name sounds like, you can just do the combinations of similar sounds to the name.

Please note...

While doing the combination of vowels and consonants in your brain, try and be racking your memory for the lost one: be listening to the sounds these combinations are giving in your brain and try to see if they have any similarity with the lost memory. By being very focused this way, you will definitely hear a sound that has a striking resemblance to what you are searching for. You certainly need to be focused in your mind while doing the processing.

I mention Ending as the first thing you should try to remember because it is the aspect that is much easier for the brain to recapture than any other part of any lost memory, and if you can recall the Ending it means you are less than half-way to go to recall other aspects. Our Ending in this example is "Einstein" but it could be any other thing order than a name: Ending of a story, Ending of an event and so on, anything that comes last in memory you are trying to recall is the Ending.

Though this whole process of memory exercise can be a tricky one for a starter, but the joy you derive from doing it if you are successful at the end is worth it. As a starter, it can take some time to complete the task, especially, the combination aspect, but with time and consistency, you will definitely master the processing.

Benefits of Recalling Memory

Recalling memory is very beneficial to our brain health and general wellbeing, because it enables better computations in the brain as the whole process of remembering is a lot of exercise for brain:

It helps us to expand our mental capacity, with new memories found

It boosts the computation power in the brain

It enables us to fight diseases like Stroke, associating with memory loss

It clears our mind as a satisfaction given by any completed processing is gratifying

It enhances mental fitness and so on.

Final Note

This article is non-exhaustive, these are the methods I have been using to recall memory for some time and worked pretty well for me and other people I introduced them to. So in case you have method of your own to recollect memory that you think can complement this article to suit your style, you can add them. In fact, I believe this trick can still be improved on. Thanks for reading.